Indie Shop Finds: Bottled Mini Cranes

Mini Bottled Cranes

I have been a seller on Carousell for quite some time, and I have met all kinds of buyers. For now, I’m going to put the experience from bad buyers aside, and start thinking about the nice ones. The sweet, lovely, and polite buyers who appreciates the seller’s efforts and give a piece of their appreciation back in return. It can be a simple “thank you”, or a positive feedback, or … a handmade gift! I think positive feedbacks and comments are the best form of encouragement for any seller, because it adds a little bit of confidence and a tiny bit of happiness, which can be so-called “recycled” when the seller re-reads them again. Also, trust me, no matter how small, how ugly, how insignificant your little gift is, the seller will be super duper happy for the whole day and remember you for a long, long time.

Pink mini bottled crane

This cute bottled mini crane that you see was a little gift from a buyer named “Obisidian” on Carousell app. I’ve kept it really well in a recycled sweet box (‘cos I was so afraid of it breaking from my clumsiness *sweats*) and only took it out for photography purposes.

Tiny pink crane

Hello, tiny pink bottled mini crane. You are so cute I couldn’t believe it.

I think @Obsidian might have found me a little crazy during the meet up. I get a little crazy whenever I see cute stuff. -sorry- But I was so excited and touched that I decided to blog and feature her indie shop (indie = independent handmade seller). She sells many other bottled necklaces as well, and you can find them on her Carousell and Facebook page.